About us

Royal International School was established with the need to provide our students with education at the highest level. Creating a curriculum, we have relied on the highest standards of elite British education. The British education system has been recognized for centuries as being the most efficient in Europe, as evidenced by the achievements of the most outstanding of the British (such as William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, James Clerk Maxwell, John Stewart Mill, Adam Smith, to mention just a few), as well as an impressive number of patents submitted annually by the British universities.

Knowledge acquired through experience and action, where theory has only an ancillary role, acting as a starting point for individual exploration, plays a huge role in the spectacular scientific success of the British. The mission of our institution is to ensure that students have gained most of all the skills and tools to work independently.

In today's world, where English is the international language of science, it is unthinkable to limit the teaching of foreign languages to the dimension offered to our children by the Polish core curriculum. Therefore, the main objective of our program is bilingualism, which is based on proven, British traditions in teaching. Present in our school curriculum, they are complement to the Polish core curriculum.

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