The Royal International School is located in a historic manor house (see map), in a picturesque Skawina, on the outskirts of Krakow. Choosing such a place as the school residence was not accidental. We decided on this location because of the advantages of the process of learning close to natural environment. The place is also marked by a creative atmosphere, since the manor house was once a place of creative work of Wyspiański, Krakow's most distinguished artist-visionary.

With all the comforts and safety of your children the school and its surroundings are adapted in such a way that the development and learning could proceed in an atmosphere of creative peace. Therefore, in addition to the building well-equipped for the needs of your children, meeting the standards of the twenty-first century school, our institution is guarded round-the-clock and offers a safe bus, which under the supervision of an experienced teacher will take your child to school every day.

The school, in addition to the standard classes, can also boast professionally equipped science lab, space for creative work (a room for ballet classes, a studio for crafts and handicrafts, a library, a theater and multimedia room, a canteen, a common room), and a wonderful garden, co-created by children during the natural history classes. In addition, each student will have its own locker for personal items and learning materials.

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